Meet Janine


Watching someone you love suffer from a mental illness that has no known cure, is unbearably hard.

My mum is my hero and my rock – although I have also had to be hers over the years. Even on her lowest days she still rises in the morning, positive in her fight to look to nature to ease, manage and improve her symptoms.

She is always in my heart and mind and as I grew older the connection with nature just seemed to become more and more logical – we come from nature, therefore it makes sense to me to look to it for answers.

I discovered MatchaNow through a lifelong friend in America. After instantly feeling the health benefits of this wonderful plant, it became part of my daily ritual to drink, and in return, reap the rewards of this ancient leaf. 

Drinking matcha also helped to slowly reduce my coffee intake. Coffee has always been a love of mine, but sipping on it for breakfast, led to increased anxiety and depleted nutrition, and so wasn’t used wisely.

The other benefits are tangible to my friends and family, most importantly my partner, son and mum and has shaped my belief: simply put, if consuming a concoction of organic fresh and natural ingredients can aid a healthier, happier mind and body, then that person is free to enjoy life to their desired maximum, free to smile more.

"We come from nature, therefore it makes sense to me to look to it for answers."

That’s ultimately what I want for my family, and ultimately what I want for you. I’ve worked hard to bring MatchaNow to the UK and Europe, wanting others to feel the benefits of this incredible green leaf .

My blog is my way of sharing everything I’ve learnt over the years and if it helps even just one person, then my smile will be broader.

I hope to see you here again...