I’m on a soul mission to help educate people on how using real honest ingredients from our ever-giving earth can aid us to lead a healthier life with a brighter mindset.

There's nothing truer said than ‘you are what you eat’, and with the right approach, food can present itself as our natural medicine, healing and offering the best support possible for our bodies and mind.

I’ve been on a journey of self-discovery over recent years and realised its simple - you get out, what you put in. We need to love and respect our bodies to nurture and cultivate the most positive outcome for our mental wellbeing. This is easily achievable with exercise, connecting with nature and eating clean.


“Matcha offers all I could ask for to help keep my mind clear, my energy high and my anxiety levels at bay”


I’m so passionate about using natural, organic ingredients and of course the amazing superfood matcha. I brought this unique and innovative product to the UK back in 2017 and have not stopped shouting about its endless properties since. It’s mother nature’s ‘green gold’ an elixir offering anti-anxiety, energy boosting effects that offers clarity and focus.

Being a busy mamma I need a gentle helping hand while I’m juggling my day; Matcha offers all I could ask for to help keep my mind clear, my energy high and my anxiety levels at bay. Matcha has been an amazing alternative to coffee, giving me the get-up-and-go I need without those caffeine crash lows.

My journey of health and well-being stems back to my mum. Suffering with depression and anxiety ever since I can remember, I’ve watched her treat her disposition with clean food and daily exercise, offering a blue print of how I live my life today and how I want to encourage my children to live theirs.

My mum’s courage, discipline and fight to keep her body healthy to in turn manage her mind is pure inspiration and why I am who I am today...