CBD & Matcha - 12 Bottles

CBD & Matcha - 12 Bottles


Make sure you’re prepared with our 12 pack of re-energising, refreshing and rehydrating CBD Matcha drink. Plan your life when you need more energy – whether you’re about to work out, do yoga or simply need a double boost to keep you going. With this bumper pack you’ll be able to make sure you’re never without and always ready to twist’n’shake then enjoy! 

Best served chilled.

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Our Matcha

Is sourced straight from organic farms in Kagoshima, Japan and is unrivalled in quality and taste. We offer you nothing but the best in our bottled goodness. On that note, we promise you:

100% Organic

100% BPA free bottle

100% Ceremonial grade Matcha

100% Vegan and vegetarian friendly

100% Gluten free

100% Free from artificial flavours or preservatives

100% Non GMO

Did You Know

Our Matcha Now contains 2.5g of ceremonial grade Matcha. That’s almost double the amount of any other Matcha drink in the shops.


Our patented cap technology protects the Matcha away from harmful lighting and air. It will keep for up to two years and does not need to be refrigerated, unless of course you prefer the taste to be chilled.

Once opened we recommend that you drink it within 12 hours to ensure that you’re getting the full boost of benefits.


2.5g organic, ceremonial grade Matcha

355ml Purified water

Water-Soluble Cannabidiol (CBD)