Strawberry Vegan Valentine’s Day Cheesecake

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Sugar Free - Gluten Free - Vegan

We're donning our Cupid wings and cutting out paper hearts as we start preparations for Valentine's Day. With that loving feeling in the air, we've put together a recipe for a sumptuous no-cheese-cheesecake that's sure to seduce your loved one. With strawberries causing the mixture to delicately blush, this pale pink concoction is a fabulously delicious end to a romantic meal for two. So, go on, take a bite or two.

What's more, it's sugar-free, vegan AND gluten-free, but it still tastes SO DAMN GOOD!

This recipe uses aquafaba as a replacement for eggs, and it's so simple. Save the drained water from a can of chickpeas and use it as a binder to keep the mixture plump and with a wonderful hint of wobble.

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For the base:
1 tsp Maca powder
130g Ground pecans
1 tsp Cinnamon
150g Dates (soaked in boiling water)

For the cheesecake filling:
150g Raw cashews (soaked overnight)
 600g Very ripe strawberries
 6 tbsp Maple Syrup
 2 tsp. Bourbon Vanilla
7 tsp Agar agar flakes
 ½ cup Coconut cream
 ½ cup Reduced aquafaba
 Juice of 1 lemon

For the base:

To make the base, throw all the ingredients into a food processor and blitz until it forms a sticky, doughy texture.

Although this recipe works much better if you have a spring cake tin, I didn’t have mine to hand and so instead, I used an 8 inch greased glass dish – but I do recommend the first option if you have it! 

Pop the mixture into the tin, smooth down by caressing it gently with a spatula and place into the freezer to set while you smooch with your significant other...I mean...make the cheesecake filling.

For the filling:

Lovingly place your coconut cream, agar agar flakes and aquafaba into a pan and gently bring to the boil. After about 10 minutes the mixture should thicken and the agar agar should dissolve.  

Throw your soaked cashews, lemon juice, vanilla, maple syrup and strawberries in the blender and blitz, blitz, blitz! Then add your dream-come-true agar agar mixture, giving it a good stir and blend again until all smooth and creamy. 

Remove the tin from the freezer and gently pour the filling mixture onto the pecan base, pat down and shower with love, strawberries and ultra-desirable @therawchocolatecompany Salted Vanoffee hazelnut shavings! 

Happy Valentine’s day!

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