Matcha NOW Pancakes topped with Nush Yoghurt


Sugar Free - Gluten Free

What are we making today? 

With pancake day just around the flipping corner, we're celebrating with some scrumptious Matcha-infused pancakes. By using the oh-so-versatile Matcha NOW in your favourite recipes, you can boost your intake of those all-important nutrients and antioxidants.

These fluffy little pancakes are SO quick and simple to whip up – ideal if you're dashing out the door in the morning, but still want to have a delicious nutritious breakfast. What's more, if you're looking to make them even more fuss-free, then ditch making the white chocolate yourself and tuck into a great raw chocolate option. I'm a big fan of The Raw Chocolate Company's Raw Organic Vanoffee – it's soooo good!

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Matcha-ing with some friends.

We've also teamed up with the amazing dairy-free Nush Yoghurts in a true Matcha made in heaven. Smother your pancakes with their Caramel & Hibiscus yoghurt for a truly decadent taste that will leave you wanting more – so you better stack those pancakes high!

Nush are so passionate about creating ethical and dairy-free products using their own artisan milk, which makes us love their ethos even more. 

With our wonderful friends at Nush we're running a pancake day competition on Instagram. Slide over to our page to see how you can WIN.

It's cooking time.

So, grab your whisks, it's time to get cracking.


100g GF Brown Rice Flour
40g Teff Flour
40g Buckwheat Flour
1 ½ tsp. Baking Soda
1 egg
120ml Oatly Milk
180ml (1/2 bottle) of your freshly twist’n’shake Matcha NOW
Maple Syrup (to taste)

White Chocolate Pieces:
350g cacao butter
180g coconut oil
50g tahini
100g coconut blossom sugar
1 ½ tsp. bourbon vanilla

To serve:
Nush Caramel & Hibiscus yoghurt
Pistachio nuts


First, we need to make the white chocolate that's going to adorn your pancakes. To do this pop a pan of water onto boil. Place a heatproof bowl on top of the saucepan (unless you have a double boiler) and add the cacao butter. 

Once this has gently melted, add the coconut oil and stir continuously with a whisk to ensure the mixture does not stick and burn – we wouldn't want that! Then add in the tahini and continue to stir. Take off the heat and combine the vanilla and coconut sugar. 

After this is all completely mixed, pour into a lined tray, cover and stick in the freezer to set.

Now for the pancakes!

Combine all the dry ingredients in a large mixing bowl (or blender), then create a well in the centre and add the wet ingredients. Mix together until the batter is fully combined and smooth – we don't want any lumps. 

In a pan, melt a dollop of coconut oil (or another oil of your choice) on a medium-high heat. Add a ladle of your pancake mix and let it cook for around 1 minute depending on the size of pancake. 

Then, time for the fun bit, get flipping and cook for the same on the other side. 

Pile your finished pancakes high and serve with lashings of Nush Caramel & Hibiscus yoghurt, your delicious homemade white chocolate pieces, pistachio nuts and sliced fruit. Time to tuck in – YUM!

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