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As you all know, I’m passionate about nutrition fueling a healthy and fulfilled lifestyle, so I was so happy to connect and collaborate with Honey&Roots on Instagram.

Its founder, Lilo Ask-Henriksen, is a highly trained Health Consultant, with a background as a Registered Veterinary Nurse, Foundation Degree in Basic Science in Medicine, a Bachelor’s of Science in International Business Management, Postgraduate Diploma in Chinese Nutritional Therapy and Certified Medical Laser Therapist. She has taken the time to write this piece on the importance of liver function. If you want to achieve a truly healthy body and mind, fit for action in 2018 please have a read of her insightful report…

You won’t be-liver this!

There’s a lot of talk these days about detoxing, yet one crucial fact that people often gloss over, is that our liver is actually doing it, all day, every day. If we want to detoxify our bodies, the best thing we can do is to boost our liver’s own detoxification process by implementing the right lifestyle habits to your daily regime that will naturally assist the liver in doing its job. If you can provide nutrients to enhance your liver’s natural detoxification process, you will naturally support a more sustainable and healthy lifestyle. 

So what toxins are we exposed to every day?

Polluted water and air, pesticides sprayed on fruits and vegetables … We are subject to more toxins than ever before. Everyone has heard of toxins in the environment, but we don’t even have to leave our homes to be exposed to them. The daily act of getting up in the morning, taking a shower, applying cosmetics, and eating breakfast exposes us to over 100 different chemical compounds! There is chlorine in our shower water, fluoride in our toothpaste, parabens in our skin care products, and even pesticides in our breakfast. It’s a good reason for the rise of conscious consumerism.

The 2017 Fourth National Report on Human Exposure to Chemicals by the Centers for Disease Control revealed that Americans of all ages are carrying over 219 toxic chemicals in their body at any given time. Normally the immune system, liver, and kidneys work together to remove toxins at the same rate in which they are encountered. Yet, in environmental medicine, when toxin levels accumulate and exceed our body’s capability to remove them, it is termed ‘increased toxic burden’.

'it is paramount that we support the process of biotransformation'

Increased toxic burden may not be evident at first, but as time goes on, its effects can be seen in all body systems. In addition to external toxins, the human body can also create internal toxins - stress and fear, for instance, can actually cause the overgrowth of certain bacteria in the colon. As toxic burden overwhelms the body, it becomes difficult to feel completely well.

The Liver: Open 24 Hours a Day

The liver is the largest gland in the body and a true powerhouse, assimilating and packaging nutrients for use, while detoxifying hundreds of chemicals in two phases. This process is called biotransformation. If the liver fails to function properly, every other system of the body is compromised.

Most of the toxins we are exposed to are fat-soluble molecules. These substances are deposited into our body’s fat stores, as fat cells are less metabolically active than the rest of the body. This reduces the amount of toxins that are circulating freely throughout the bloodstream. The fat acts as an insulation to protect us, and the body will tend to form more fat in which to store the toxins, making weight management difficult.

The body will also deposit toxic compounds into other tissues, preventing proper organ function. This can negatively affect the heart, liver, colon, brain, kidney, lungs, skin, and hormone systems. The liver oversees changing fat soluble toxins into a water soluble form, so they can be eliminated by the kidneys and colon. Implementing the right lifestyle habits to your daily regime such as sleep, nutrition and hydration will naturally assist the liver in doing its job and provide nutrients to enhance this biotransformation process – your body’s natural and daily detoxification process. 

Healthy biotransformation support will:

  • Reduce the burden of incoming toxins on the body

  • Boost the liver’s ability to process and eliminate stored toxins from tissues

Detoxification: Better than a diet

Fat is created to protect the body from toxins and impurities, which creates unwanted weight.


Why Detoxify?

To Feel Better

Increased toxic burden can manifest in the body as a myriad of symptoms: fatigue, irritability, joint pain, brain-fog, digestive problems, hot flashes, allergic reactions, sneezing, and coughing. Reducing external toxin exposure is one solution. Many people eat organic foods, drink filtered water, and even eliminate problem foods to help reduce their toxin exposure. This is a great start. However, what has happened to all the toxins stored in the body from decades of living? Are they still there? The answer is- yes, they are. So we can reduce our current exposure, but it is paramount that we continually support the process of biotransformation. This aids the liver in both phases of detoxification, and ensures incoming toxins are removed and eliminated.

'consuming a daily cup of matcha is an easy way to incorporate detoxification into your everyday life'

To Improve Metabolism and Maintain a Healthy Weight

Many people struggle to achieve a healthy weight. As we age our metabolism experiences a slight decrease in function. However, the role of increased toxin burden in weight gain is often overlooked. Many toxins are stored in fat, and the body will increase the production of fat in order to protect the rest of the body from these circulating toxins’ effects. Many people go on diets hoping to lose weight. They go down a dress size or two, and six months later, regain all of the weight -plus some more. Yo-yo dieting becomes a vicious cycle and can harm the body’s metabolism. An effective detoxification program focused on biotransformation will help reduce the toxin burden contributing to the inability to maintain a healthy weight.

For Optimum Performance

Detoxification is not just a one-time event. It should be repeated in order to prevent toxin build-up. Just as we change the oil in our cars to maintain their performance, we should do the same for our bodies. A good detoxification programme can be the regular maintenance the body needs to perform at its best. If you feel progressively sluggish, tired, achy, and run down, maybe it’s time for your “filter to be cleaned”.

Why add Matcha to your daily routine?

Green is truly the colour of health. Matcha helps to safely cleanse and purge the body of harmful elements. Chlorophyll, the element that gives green tea and other plants their signature verdant colour, is also a powerful detoxifier, helping to eliminate both chemicals and heavy metals from the body. And because Matcha is carefully shade-grown, it is substantially richer in chlorophyll than other green teas, making it a superior daily detox. Chlorophyll increases the blood’s capacity to deliver oxygen and other nutrients to cells within the body, which helps the body regenerate and cleanse itself at the cellular level. Consuming a daily bottle of pure Matcha is an easy way to incorporate detoxification into your everyday life. Along with being chlorophyll rich, Matcha also contains other powerful nutrients such as antioxidants, vitamins, amino acids and minerals that provide your liver with the right tools to assist your liver´s natural detoxification process– in other words, helping you get rid of the toxins stored in your fat.


Many thanks to Lilo Ask-Henriksen, for preparing this essential piece. Health Consultant & Eco Blogger, she is also is the founder of Honey&Roots, a platform which promotes the synergetic approach of food, health, agriculture and sustainability.


Lilo has extensive educational and practical experience within these fields after studying for a medical background as a Registered Veterinary Nurse, Foundation Degree in Basic Science in Medicine, a Bachelor’s of Science in International Business Management, Postgraduate Diploma in Chinese Nutritional Therapy and Certified Medical Laser Therapist.

Follow her on instagram @honey&roots

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