Matcha and Me - Why me, why Matcha...

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Here is a little more about me and why I want to educate people on the benefits of miracle matcha....

I am a huge health enthusiast, I truly believe that food is our medicine. My love of good food and exercise derives from my mum, who has suffered with anxiety and depression all her life. Instead of taking medication, she chose to manage her moods by getting out in the open air, going to the gym and eating clean. She doesn’t smoke or drink, and her body thanks her for it, although her mind isn’t always so kind - but welcome to the world of depression. She takes the good days with the bad, but fortunately, many more of the good right now, with better lifestyle choices in tow.

My mum found the best way for her to manage this invisible illness and has become so much stronger than the person she was ten years ago, overcoming so many obstacles along the way. Healthy living is her armour to fight off the bad days and live a happier life as possible. And this she has instilled into me.

This is my story and why I do what I do. I love to cook, love to love, and love to live. I am constantly learning about health and nutrition and how to nurture our bodies to nurture our brain. I am never happier than when cooking up a storm in my kitchen, creating something clean, nutritious and delicious for my family to eat. Especially now I have a two year old to cater for, although he isn’t always the easiest of patrons!

'imagine after going through this, how excited I was to find out that Matcha can help calm anxiety. It’s true, and I have the science to prove it…'

Matcha is the king of all superfoods, one of its superpowers is that it can actually increase the activity of the inhibitory neurotransmitter GABA, which has anti-anxiety effects. For this reason it's the perfect drink to replace your morning coffee with, and why I drink it every day.

I gave up drinking coffee in January this year. As with many people coffee was the first thing to pass my lips when I woke up, but after that initial buzz and alertness, within the hour I would plummet into anxiety and a sense of unease. Once I started to drink Matcha and realised I can get the same energy release without the side effects of coffee I was astounded. So I have now replaced my caffeine intake with Matcha, and the effects are so beneficial on so many levels that I want to shout about this to the public.

People who suffer from anxiety need to know - there is an alternative out there. Don't keep drinking something that aggravates your disposition. Matcha will still give you the energy you need without the lows of coffee. So I have decided to launch our #iquitcoffee campaign in the coming month asking people to partake in the challenge. I’m not asking people to go cold turkey right away but to replace their morning coffee with a matcha to see how their energy levels rise at a sustained pace, productivity heightens and I believe an overall sense of wellbeing is set for the day. 

Is this backed up by science?

Yes. Without going into too much detail here about the overall nutritional benefits (have a read about them all in this article on The Benefits of Matcha instead), Matcha has 137 x more antioxidants than normal green tea, so this is huge in terms of being cancer-fighting. It’s packed with chlorophyll, which is detoxifying and also has the same amount of caffeine as a regular cup of coffee, but without the jitters & anxiety coffee gives you. This is thanks to the amino acid L-theanine which slows the caffeine release right down promoting a more calm, focused and sustained energy.

I’ve been privy to the different experiments with various food groups and seen first hand the benefits of conscious nutritional choices. I’ve seen how they can effect change in a positive way to both mental outlooks and physical abilities. It’s an incredible world of knowledge to explore and trial out to find what’s right for you.

I will release more news on our #iquitcoffee campaign soon but for now I wanted to share a bit more of me with you…

Janine X