MatchaNow's Kelly Tyrrell shares her inspirational journey to health

When Kelly Tyrrell was diagnosed with ill health and prescribed a bag full of medication to deal with them, her instincts said no. Instead she turned to health, nature and exercise to regulate her symptoms which ended up changing her whole lifestyle around for the better… She chats to Janine about her journey…

How did your change to a healthy lifestyle come about?

When I got married I had a smear test state that I had pre-cancerous cells which had to be removed, I was also told that I had polycystic ovarian syndrome and acne. The doctors wanted to set me off on a gigantic course of medication and keyhole surgery and it just didn’t feel right. So instead I went to see a specialist on Great Portland St who confirmed what the previous doctors had said, but who listened to how I felt and afterwards set me up on a low GI diet. I literally gained control over my own body, and guess what? My cycle came back, my skin cleared up and I was pregnant in three months.

That’s amazing! How long ago was that?

That was seven years ago now.

'I threw myself into the ‘train hard or go home’ category in the gym and didn’t really listen to my body'

Have there been any pitfalls in that time.

Yes, definitely. I went through a big breakup and ended up feeling quite insecure. I was always a tomboy when I was a kid and when I left school I got heavily into the martial arts scene until my early twenties. I’ve always found comfort and challenges in the gym make me feel mentally really good so to counteract that feeling I started to exercise - but way too much. I threw myself into the ‘train hard or go home’ category in the gym and didn’t really listen to my body. Consequently I worked my thyroid into the ground and ended up being ill again. Time to readdress my overall lifestyle again…

What’s your general ethos now to food and supplements?

I eat completely cleanly where possible, although it’s pretty impossible to be 100%, 100% of the time. I’m just careful about what I put in my body to fuel it and where it’s been sourced from - organic and ethical normally go into my basket. I want the same for my boy who is my absolute world as well. So good sources of protein, for example, I only eat meat when I know that the animals have been organically grass fed.

How has this gone on to change your life?

Now it’s meant that I’ve made a career out of everything I’ve learnt and who I am. I train hard working business women and mum’s. I work with their lifestyles and schedules and try to impart my mindset along with the training.

How so?

If I turn up and one of my girls is looking down I’ll put the workout on hold for thirty minutes and we’ll have a coffee and a natter instead to make sure that mentally they’re in the right place to train. I genuinely care for each and every one of them. I think training is an incredibly emotional experience - you’re caring for, and loving your body and your head’s got to be in the right place to do that. They always get 100% of my focus and service.

Health wise, in terms of ‘feeling ok’ again, how do you monitor this moving forwards?

Well one of the ways to test for thyroid issues is to take a blood sample for analysis, which I then made alterations to my lifestyle to try and turn it around naturally. So of course you go back for another blood test to check how you’re doing. I was curious to get the next sample taken as your blood renews itself every three months, so much so that I now get a private blood check every year and have even done a course in phlebotomy to be able to take bloods for other people and understand the process. It is amazing how your every day routines and food choices affect your blood. More people should do it and understand their bodies more - if you can regulate your blood before you get sick you’re going to be functioning in life in your optimum zone and seriously lower your chances of getting ill.

Wow. Now I’m intrigued to see what mine is like!

You should I’d really recommend it! Who knows it might change your life as well!

Thank you for taking the time to share your journey with us Kelly, you’re an absolute inspiration.

Well somehow I make a living doing something I’m passionate about - which I’m unbelievably grateful for. But it goes to show that it can be done. It just takes hard work and commitment to get there. Fortunately Matcha keeps me clean and healthy and gives me the energy I need to function at my best everyday.

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