Ban the Mid-Afternoon Snack Attack with Vegan Friendly Treats

Picture the scene: it’s 3pm on a Tuesday, you’ve got a whole three hours left at work plus an extra three days at work on top of that. It’s a sucky thought. Your energy levels are running low but the deadlines are stacking higher. Or perhaps it’s the opposite, perhaps you’re watching the clock suffering boredom. Either way, you find yourself repeatedly reaching for the top drawer where the superfood snack or boredom banisher lives.

What is in the drawer?

These days there seems to be two types of people – you’re either snacking on seeds or a salty crisp connoisseur washed down with a sugary drink you think is going to give you energy. 

How does the latter leave you feeling? 

Absolutely amazing for five minutes, the sugar and salt combo give you a heightened sense of euphoria, serotonin rushes around followed by a burst of energy – albeit short-lived. That fatal slump lurks around the corner, daring you to dive into the drawer again and have another nibble. You feel strangely dehydrated, even though you’ve just guzzled down a coffee and/or a red bull. 

Why do we have a slump in the first place?

If you’re working a traditional 9-5 job, it’s fairly tricky to avoid the afternoon slump. Especially if you’re job entails being sat at a desk for most of the day. If you’ve had a good lunch you’re gut will be hard at work digesting your food and using most of your energy stores on this as a result. 

Be kind to your gut and try eating more easy to digest foods (less dairy and wheat, more grains and veg) this will ease some symptoms of tiredness and give you a fighting chance at keeping sustained energy levels until its time to clock-off and leave the office.

The unforgiving fluorescent lighting, air-conditioning and random heating often found at work all affect you as well, and chances are that if you’re not diligent with your water intake (and no this doesn’t include coffee), you’re nearing dehydration.

How to turn this on its head…

Positive Mental Attitudes and NLP tactics pushed to one side, the aim is the same: quite simply you need to ask more of your snack. 

It’s not enough to simply satisfy your tastebuds for a fleeting few minutes. Your afternoon snack must be seen as refuelling and re-energising, the pit-stop of the afternoon…

We are very proud that Veggie Magazine (June Issue) featured MatchaNow alongside brands such as Pip&Nut and Doisy&Dam – exciting alternatives for people who want an afternoon snack that will banish the boredom and inject a little pizzazz into their afternoon performance. Amazingly they are all vegan friendly too, kinder choices for our planet and its animals.

We applaud their top picks and not only because MatchaNow was one of them… the feature just goes to illustrate the super variety of clean eating, energy-boosting snacks out there. And I personally love all of them! 

Why was MatchaNow chosen to appear in this important feature?

Matcha contains L-Theanine which specifically binds with the naturally occurring caffeine to release it in a controlled way to your brain. The Japanese military gave it to their soldiers before going to war to help hone their focus so believe me it’s a time honoured tradition that is now proven by science to work.

The ceremonial grade matcha is ground directly from the leaf itself so it’s not steeped or altered in any way, it holds 137 times the antioxidants of regular green tea and boasts more than goji berries or blueberries alike. All of these factors come together to rehydrate, refresh and re-energise you and with the L-theanine you’re going to find you have sustained energy levels to power you through the afternoon and help submit that important report with a focused and clear mind. 

Simply twist the green cap, release the organic matcha into the purified water, shake and enjoy. It’s ready to go in thirty seconds! The Matcha is separate in the patented cap technology to ensure that none of the goodness is lost – many people don’t realise that buying pre-mixed matcha holds no rewards. When matcha hits water it starts to oxidise losing the benefits, rendering it pretty useless. It will also turn brown after sitting in water for a while, so something will be added to keep it looking vibrantly green, an illusion that it is fresh. 

Matcha is the new 5 hour energy drink but without the sinful sugar and insulin crashes. I urge you to ditch the doughnut and coffee and try these wholesome treats instead. One that wasn’t mentioned is one of my personal fave’s Primal Pantry, these vegan and paleo bars are full of energy boosting ingredients and washed down with a matcha is a matcha made in heaven. Look out for our Primal Pantry + Matcha Now Sorbet recipe coming soon! 

MatchaNow is available here, so don’t miss out on giving it a go to banish that afternoon slump. And please share your feedback with us on twitter @MatchaNow or insta: @matchanow_uk!