Matcha Now rocked the Free From Festival, Spitalfields

Well it might have been free from sugar but it sure was sweet! We had a great day at Spitalfields Market yesterday for the Free From Festival. Expertly arranged by Margherita and her team, we pulled up to the doors to find a great layout and our MatchaNow stand close to the bar and view of the stage. Perfect!

Over 2700 people came to sample the creations by the stand holders. Stealing a good thirty minutes away from our stand, I walked around happy to see a full range of foods that could more than adequately cover a ‘free from’ diet. Pep and Lekker were there who we featured on our instagram and I’m happy to report that their soups tasted every bit as good as they looked. I didn’t realise but when you order them online, every soup comes with its own seed pot for you to sprinkle on the top of them. Far better for you than croutons and totally delicious.


Pep and Lekker - their soups were devoured so quickly but you can see on the side the amazing colours that are borne from pure ingredients...

White Rabbit Pizza had a long line of customers for the entire show so I only managed to get a sneaky sample of their gluten free pizza but it was very tasty and the tonnes of nodding smiles when people had their first bite couldn’t be wrong.

One stand that was a surprise to me and that I’m very excited to try out was Rana’s Artisan Bread. They have created an entire range of gluten free bread mixes from Super Sourdough to Nearly Rye. They were absolutely spot on.

MatchaNow’s cap technology is patented and it was good to see that whilst there were hot matcha tea companies selling tea bags an powder, our matcha was the only offering in the marketplace that was cold, ready to go, tastes great and the matcha is pure and fresh in every way giving 100% of the the benefits to the drinker. So many people were surprised by how nice it tasted cold. It’s meant to be re-energising and re-fuelling but everyone confirmed at the show that it was refreshing as well.

'it was fantastic to see so many creative businesses all borne from a passion to deliver healthier living'


Our list of ‘r’s’ is just getting longer! We shared the benefits of this incredible leaf over and over again and we also explained how crucial it was to keep the matcha separate in the cap if you want to reap the health benefits of the 137 x more antioxidants than regular green tea. It was fascinating to see how many people were drinking matcha and not realising that the pre-mixed ready to go drinks actually had oxidised and lost all of their benefits.

It was fantastic to see so many creative businesses all borne from a passion to deliver healthier living to the plates of the British public. And it was also great to see how happy people were to find that they could have all of their treats and still live a free-from lifestyle.

We launched MatchaNow one month ago with a clear vision to educate people on how matcha should be drunk to gain the benefits and improve people’s every day lives. We left the show clear in our will to continue this. Britain needs to know the truth about pre-mixed matcha. We’re looking forward to the next Free From Festival to see what else is new in the arena… Till next time!

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