Airmiles are so yesterday, Earthmiles are the future...


I know you’ve all probably got Fitbits, Apple watches or Garmins and are tracking your every move. Some of my friends and their kids are challenging each other to achieve more and more steps every day and it’s great to see the nation becoming so aware of their healthy lifestyles. BUT have you downloaded Earthmiles App? Check it out because one group of people decided to give rewards to us fellow walkers, hikers, bikers and runners which only acts as an incentive to get out there and walk some more…

Imagine my delight when I stumbled across them at the Natural and Organics Product Show earlier this year. An amazing new concept that sees you clocking up points for money off vouchers with every mile that you walk.


Good for your health, good for the environment and a great way to help supplement your kitchen, home and hobbies.

'we created Earthmiles to be a space where you could come to be a better version of yourself'

Founded by a team of friends who all shared the same passion for the outdoors and healthy living as much as they respect the planet we do all of those things on. Their aim was to create a conscious and grateful community of people that were motivated to live better every day and make positive lifestyle choices.

Founder Megha Prakash said: "We created Earthmiles to be a space where you could come to be a better version of yourself. Everyone knows what to do to be healthy but there is so little positive reinforcement, so few pats on the back - we wanted to bring the fun back to fitness."

There's a million reasons why you should ditch the car, tie on your trainers and get walking. MatchaNow supports Earthmiles’ concept 100% and you can get walking to earn some serious discounts on our Matcha Now pure and lightly sweetened. Download the App and get moving for matcha today!