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When you make the decision to drink matcha on a daily basis the benefits to both your mental and physical performance are beyond anything you could possibly imagine. Here are just a few of the reasons why Matcha NOW should be your drink of choice:
It is a clean, vegan energy drink that is free from any nasties

It contains 2.5g of organic, ceremonial grade matcha (more than any other product you will find on the shelves)

The twist cap element ensures that the goodness and potency of the matcha stays at its freshest until you are ready to drink it

MatchaNOW | Twist & Shake Fresh Premium Matcha | Twist Cap Technology |


Matcha NOW is designed for busy people on-the-go needing that crucial energy burst to get you through your day – both mental AND physical. Whether it’s your pre-workout in the gym, to hone focus in the office, or to instil calm into a busy mum’s day, Matcha NOW is the one for you.

Adding to that, if you are on the lookout for a healthy alternative to your daily coffee, then look no further. Matcha is known to be anti-anxiety due to the calming effects of the L-Theanine so it’s the smart alternative if you are on that coffee rollercoaster.

Matcha NOW is full of green goodness (thanks to the high levels of chlorophyll) and with the added benefit of the ‘secret ingredient’ L-Theanine you can go about your day knowing your body is being re-fuelled, re-energised and hydrated with a true superfood. Most importantly you will stop experiencing the ‘crash’ we all so often feel when drinking other caffeinated drinks and you will instead feel a calm sustained energy release like no other!

'packed full of carotenoids, vitamins, chlorophyll and antioxidants, the benefits of matcha are simply astounding'



Matcha is the KING of all green teas! It is grown like green tea, but prior to picking, it’s shaded from light which causes it to release higher amounts of chlorophyll and antioxidants to its leaves. The leaves are then plucked carefully and ground down to produce a fine powder. However, unlike regular tea, matcha has never been steeped in water so it retains all of its nutrients, most importantly, its secret ingredient, L-Theanine.

L-Theanine is an amino acid present almost solely in the green tea plant. Buddhist monks discovered this in the 12th century and sipped it daily before meditation, advising the military to do the same realising that it honed their focus whilst increasing their energy over long periods of time. So, while matcha contains naturally occurring caffeine, the L-Theanine cleverly binds to it promoting a slower release of energy to your mind and body throughout the day. Add to that the fact that it is packed full of carotenoids, vitamins, chlorophyll and antioxidants, the benefits of matcha are simply astounding.

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